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Fido Creative

Red martingale collar - neoprene padded

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Our bright red martingale dog collar is unmatched in strength and durability. Is your hound looking for a dog collar that is Practical ✔️ Long lasting ✔️ Fray resistant ✔️Heavy duty ✔️ Light weight ✔️ Gentle ✔️ Beach friendly ✔️ Australian made ✔️ Designed with Greyhounds and whippets in mind ✔️ Available in a wide range of widths ✔️ Simply Beautiful ✔️✔️✔️

You woofed and we listened! Martingale collars designed not just to look pretty. We get it, dogs get dirty they love to splash around and sometimes just need a little persuasion to stay on track. If you are not familiar with a martingale collar it's an ingenious invention in the dog world. You may see our beautiful collars often showcased on gorgeous greyhounds, this is because those gracious creatures are renowned for slipping out of ordinary collars. It happens because their pointy heads are narrower than their slender necks, our martingale collars feature a smaller loop that gently tightens while walking on a leash and stops those incredible beings from slipping out and getting up to mischief. The clever little loop also assists in guiding the dog while training, so perfect if you have a dog that can't resist but sniff each and every blade of grass ever weed on. 

🦾 Let's talk hardware:
• Accent your dog red martingal collar with matt black hardware to match the neoprene lining, made from strong zinc alloy.
• Upgrade to solid brass for everlasting performance, the brass hardware not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers corrosion resistance and strength for peace of mind during outdoor adventures.
• If other hardware option prefer just leave a note for Fido.

• Neoprene padding ensures a joyful experience for those lanky necks. This is a thin layer of soft black padding that lines the inside of the collar, we don't like chunky collars so it's still thin and lightweight
• Extreamy strong, high-quality UV treaded bonded polyester thread sewn using the top-of-the-range Dürkopp Adler industrial sewing machine.
• Long-lasting nylon webbing outer, so that beautiful vibrant red will stick around. It's easy to clean and quick drying so perfect for beach zoomies!
Cotton martingale collars are renowned for fraying quicky on the edges, this is due to friction points from the adjustable slider and the martingale loop as it gently tightens and releases. We love and will always continue to sell cotton martingale collars however there is certainly a demand for longer-lasting martingale collars that are beautiful so our nylon/neoprene collars came to the rescue! 

Matching accessory options

🐶 ID tag:
• If upgrading to include an ID tag, the tag will match the collar hardware.
• The name will be stamped on the front and phone number on the back
• We hand stamp the ID tag the old-fashioned way with a hammer and metal character stamps
• We are limited to just English letters and numbers.
• Details are subtle on black tag

🐕 Leash:
• The matching leash is made from the same material as the collar and padded with neoprene for comfort.
• Leash is 25mm wide to suit any dog breed.

💩 Poop bag holder:
•  The stunning poop bag holder will be made from red velvet with a stunning gold zip.
•  Our poop bag holders include a convenient O'ring clip that can clip around any leash handle or D-ring, ingeniously added a second removable O'ring clip that goes around the leash so the holder does not hang in the way. We don't let anything get in the way of your serious walkies.

🙌 Our red martingale collars and leashes are all handmade in Australia, reducing waste and allowing you the freedom to customize to your hound's desire. If you have any questions or would like something a little out of the ordinary get in touch, we love making unique accessories for dogs or all sizes and personality types.

Care instructions

Ensure Longevity and Durability with Proper Care for Your Hounds Accessories

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth when material is soiled to prolong the life of the material
  • Warm hand wash or Machine Wash up to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Use a gentle wool-wash, harsh detergent may react with the metal.
  • Place is a washbag to prevent hardware chipping.
  • Air-dry completely before placing on your dog
  • Do not tumble dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan D

My dachshunds look very smart in their new martingales. Love the soft neoprene lining.

This is the second Martingale collar and l...

This is the second Martingale collar and leash set that I've purchased from the Fido Creative. The first set is wonderful and a beautiful green color. The fit is perfect and the 1.5 inch width seems very comfy for my greyhound's neck. I checked with the seller about a red set since I thought it would look good on my black greyhound. She replied that she could definitely meet the order and provided samples of the red webbing. The second set is even more beautiful! It's a 1.5 inch red webbing that's backed with black neoprene giving it a cushy fit. The metal fittings are all black as well and the contrast definitely makes a statement. Included with my 2nd purchase was a small matching zippered pouch, for holding clean up bags, that attaches to the leash. So clever and thoughtful!
Thanks Fido Creative!