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Shelly martingale collar - Water resistant

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Our shelly martingale collar features an exquisite Seashell Print Waterproof Martingale Collar: a fusion of coastal charm and functional design. This captivating collar is a must-have accessory for your beloved furry friend who loves beach adventures and seaside strolls. Handcrafted with utmost care and attention to detail, it combines fashion and durability to provide your pup with the ultimate combination of style and safety.

🐚 Coastal Chic: Immerse your furry companion in the serene beauty of the seashore with our exclusive seashell print. Each collar boasts a delightful array of intricately detailed seashells, evoking memories of sandy beaches, crashing waves, and endless summer days.

🌊 Waterproof Wonder: Our martingale collar is crafted using high-quality, waterproof materials to ensure your pup stays comfortable and stylish even during those unexpected rain showers or exciting dips in the ocean. Let your furry friend explore to their heart's content without worrying about water damage or the collar losing its shape.

πŸ”’ Secure and Adjustable Fit: The martingale design is perfect for dogs who tend to pull or have narrower heads, preventing them from slipping out of their collar. It features a gentle tightening action when tension is applied, promoting safe walking and discouraging pulling. Martingale collars are commonly worn by sighthounds such as Greyhounds, Whippets, Italian greyhounds & Saluki's. Martingale collars are not only beautiful they are the perfect training collar that gently give you more control while out walking. Our standard martingale collars are lightweight with no heavy buckle weighing down on the neck or compromising the strength of the collar, this is ideal for strong dogs like Great Danes, Wolfhounds & Dobermans.

Care instructions

Ensure Longevity and Durability with Proper Care for Your Hounds Accessories

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth when material is soiled to prolong the life of the material
  • Warm hand wash or Machine Wash up to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Use a gentle wool-wash, harsh detergent may react with the metal.
  • Place is a washbag to prevent hardware chipping.
  • Air-dry completely before placing on your dog
  • Do not tumble dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Helen Stuart

Shelly martingale collar - Water resistant

I've purchased several collars, leashes, a...

I've purchased several collars, leashes, and other items from FidoCreative now, and I'm always impressed by the gorgeousness of the products. Abigail hammed it up for the camera in her new spring look!

Lily D.
Shelly martingale collar

I love Fido Creative collars. They are extremely well constructed, the hardware is very high quality, and every time I have ordered one it has arrived sooner than I expected. All my dogs have Fido Creative collars. I love that I can have their name plus my phone number and address on their collars. This Shelly pattern and colour is so pretty.

Gina M
This collar was even prettier in person. W...

This collar was even prettier in person. We love it on our Great Dane!!

Aimee Windler
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This review has no content.